Suomen kielen perusteet 21: T-monikko ja astevaihtelu

Suomen kielen perusteet 21: T-monikko ja astevaihtelu

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Invest in your Finnish skills!

Study Finnish now at your own pace! In this 60-minute course, you will learn to recognize and form the t-plural in Finnish. In addition, you will learn about how it can vary and which letters can change or disappear when you use a word in the plural.

You will also practice forming plurals and how to recognize them by doing various exercises.

In addition, you will also practice your pronunciation of t-plural words.

This 60-minute course covers the following topics:

  • T-plurals
  • Word types and t-plural
  • Strong and weak T-plural changes (äiti - äidit)


Includes 18 digital exercises, 3 texts and a downloadable PDF where you can record your own translations for key vocabulary.

The study material is freely accessible for 90 days from the date of purchase through our online learning platform.