Presenting in English (self-study program)

Presenting in English (self-study program)

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Language: English
Type: four-hour self-study program

Engage and entertain your audience!

Find out how to give compelling, engaging presentations with tailored and effective visuals. Learn at your own pace with inspiring digital material.

The four courses in the program, each lasting one hour, cover the key skills for giving presentations that will impress your audience – live and online –  with language tips, useful phrases, videos, and animations. Strengthen your skills and test the key learning points with activities, scenarios, and exercises.


      1. Presentation Skills

      • Don't make people sit through unmemorable, poorly delivered and confusing presentations. If you want to engage your audience, it's vital to capture their attention right from the start. Study the skills needed to find your core message and lead people through your presentation. You will also learn how to create a conclusion that reminds your audience why they should care, prepare for questions and leave a positive impression.

      2. Creating Presentation Content

      • Most of us don't know the principles for creating good visuals that support the message of our presentation. Study what to do – and what not to do – when developing the visuals for your presentation, as well as how to effectively explain data, charts and graphs.

      3. Ignite Talks and Elevator Pitches

      • Not all presentations last 20 minutes and involve complex charts and graphs. ignite Talks and elevator pitches are shorter forms of presenting that require you to take a different approach to creating and delivering a presentation. Study how these types differ from standard presentations and learn the skills needed to create impactful short talks.

      4. Presenting Online

      • The modern business world makes use of technologies that allow us to travel less, yet still meet with colleagues and customers from all around the globe. Study how to behave when giving an online presentation and how to use your voice and non-verbal communication to get your message across. You will also learn about some of the cultural differences that influence our business relationships online.

      Four hours of online self-study material with animations, infographics, useful phrases, activities and exercises and downloadable resources. The study material is freely accessible for 90 days from the date of purchase through our online learning platform.