Professional Business Writing in English (self-study program)

Professional Business Writing in English (self-study program)

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Move your business writing skills to a higher professional level!


Revise key style issues, improve the fluency of your text, master punctuation, and become more sensitive to the different variations of English with our pedagogically designed self-study material.

Four hours of self-study material


Instructive and educational texts written by professional language trainers explain key concepts clearly and simply, pedagogically designed digital exercises test your learning and skill, and downloadable PDFs let you keep samples of different types of professional, business documents.

The material is ideal for anyone in business who relies on clear, professional business writing in English. The recommended language proficiency level needed in English to get the most from this program is B1 low and higher. 


The program contains over four hours of digital self-study material and covers the following themes:


1. Style
In this course, you will learn the meaning of initial focus and topic sentences. You will also learn why you can improve your writing by using verbs instead of nouns. You will also see the difference between writing short and long sentences, and have a look at most commonly confused words. You will also get an insight into using connector words.

2. Punctuation and the mechanics of writing, Parts I and II
This course focuses on the basic rules of punctuation in the English language. You will learn and practice how to use period, ellipsis, exclamation point, question mark, colon, and semicolon.

3. Abbreviations, numbers, and spelling
This course will show you the basic rules for abbreviating words. In addition, it covers how to deal with numbers and amounts in professional writing. You will also learn the key differences between British and American English.

4. Types of business writing: appointments, inquiries, complaints
This course gives you guidelines and phrases for the most common types of business communication. You will learn how to handle appointments and inquiries, and how to deal with complaints.

The self-study material includes:

  • Over four hours of digital self-study material
  • 30 texts on professional business writing
  • Over 50 digital exercises to test your skills
  • Downloadable PDFs of key content for you to keep


The study material is freely accessible for 90 days from the date of purchase through our online learning platform.