(IFRS) International Financial Reporting Standards in English (self-study program)

(IFRS) International Financial Reporting Standards in English (self-study program)

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Educate yourself at your own pace with our English for IFRS digital course!

Language: English
Type: Four hours of self-study material 

Study the terminology and definitions in English for IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) with our self-study program!

Expand and revise your key IFRS vocabulary with engaging texts, practice your knowledge with pedagogically designed digital exercises, and boost your communication skills and ability to understand IFRS-related terminology in English.

Topics in the four hours of materials cover:

1. IFRS - Part I

  • Statement of Comprehensive Income
  • Statement of Financial Position: Assets

2. IFRS - Part II

  • Statement of Financial Position: Liabilities
  • Statement of Financial Position: Equity 

3. IFRS - Part III

  • Statement of Changes in Equity
  • Statement of Cash Flows

4.  IFRS - Part IV

  • IFRS Accounting Policies
  • Financial Ratios

The self-study material includes:

  • Over 500 IFRS-related terms and definitions in English
  • 20 texts that highlight important IFRS and related vocabulary
  • More than 50 digital exercises to practice and test your knowledge
  • 8 downloadable PDFs of terminology, definitions, example sentences and synonyms.

The study material is freely accessible for 90 days from the date of purchase through our online learning platform.