Asiakaspalvelua suomeksi: Ravintola-ala I

Asiakaspalvelua suomeksi: Ravintola-ala I

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Invest in your Finnish-language skills today!

In this 60-minute course, you will learn useful phrases and vocabulary for working in the restaurant industry! Study with our fictional waitress Gerli Järvi. Gerli serves customers at the restaurant during lunch and dinner times.

You will learn to take food orders and ask about table reservations and bills. As grammar work, you will also practice the partitive in Finnish. In addition, there will also be pronunciation practice.

Includes texts, audio, pronunciation practice and interactive exercises.

Suitable for levels B1 and higher.

The course lasts 60 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • Serving at a lunch restaurant
  • Receipt and invoicing of dinner order
  • Asking for a table reservation
  • Making a table reservation
  • Partitive

The self-study material includes 14 inspiring digital exercises and 4 texts that promote your learning. In addition, you will receive a recordable PDF glossary in which you can write the glossary included in the course in your native language.

The study material is freely accessible for 90 days from the date of purchase through our online learning platform.