Svenska för den finska pensionsförsäkringsbranschen - arbetspension (self-study program)

Svenska för den finska pensionsförsäkringsbranschen - arbetspension (self-study program)

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For Specialists Working Nationally and Internationally With The Finnish Pension System

Language: Swedish
Type: Four hours of self-study material
Recommended level: A2 - B2

Study the terminology and language used in Swedish for earnings-related pensions in the Finnish pension system with our self-study program!

Ideal for anyone working within the Finnish pension system or anyone who deals with pension-related issues at their work. The material is suitable for learners with a A2-B2 language level (high-beginners to high-intermediate).

Expand and revise your key pension vocabulary with engaging texts, practice your knowledge with pedagogically designed digital exercises, and boost your communication skills and ability to understand earnings-related pension terminology in Swedish with listening exercises.


  • Part 1: Pensionssystemet i Finland
  • Part 2: Pensionsalternativ
  • Part 3: Pensionstillväxt, ansökan och besvär
  • Part 4: Försäkring och finansiering samt internationella ärenden


  • 5 texts that use important pension-related terms and language in context
  • An audio recording of each text for you to read along with to improve your pronunciation
  • A range of digital exercises to help you practice and test your knowledge
  • 6 downloadable PDFs of more than 400 earnings-related pension terms and useful vocabulary in Swedish - including translations to Finnish, definitions, and example sentences - for you to keep

The study material is freely accessible for 90 days from the date of purchase through our online learning platform.