The Work-Ability Journey — English for Occupational Healthcare (self-study program)

The Work-Ability Journey — English for Occupational Healthcare (self-study program)

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For Specialists, Supervisors and Mangers Working With Occupational Healthcare As Customer or Provider

Language: English
Type: 4 hours of self-study material
Recommended level:
B1 - B2 high

Study the terminology and language used in English for occupational healthcare with our self-study program.

This material covers the work-ability journey from new employees entering work, identifying the threats to work ability facing employees and reducing risks through preventive occupational health services, to requiring sick leave and then rehabilitating and returning to work.

Ideal for anyone working within the Finnish occupational healthcare system or anyone who deals with occupational healthcare services at their work, whether in Human Resources (HR), as a supervisor, or as a manager. The material is suitable for learners with a B1-B2 language level (intermediate to high-intermediate).

The course material supports you as you serve your customer:

  • meeting with the new HR manager to explain the services you provide
  • providing information to supervisors and employee representatives on how to deal with employee sick leave and accidents at work
  • explaining reimbursement categories and why preventive measures are more compensated than medical costs
  • preparing for tripartite negotiations on an employee returning to work from a long sick leave
  • detailing the services provided by work coaches,
  • and presenting a yearly review on activities at your client. 

The course will also help you to improve your small talk skills, boost your fluency through listening exercises, and strengthen your grammar.

10 topics:

  • Meeting a New Contact and Building Rapport
  • The Occupational Workplace Survey and Action Plan
  • An Employee Health Check
  • An Accident at Work
  • Taking Sick Leave
  • Prevention, Not Cure
  • Returning to Work From a Long Sick Leave
  • Work Coaching
  • Presenting a Report
  • Revision


  • 10 work-related multiple-choice scenarios where you choose from a range of responses
  • An audio recording of each completed scenario for you to read along with to improve your pronunciation
  • A range of digital exercises to help you practice and test your knowledge
  • Glossaries of key terminology and vocabulary for occupational healthcare
  • A checklist of the key learning points in each lesson

Buy today and take the work ability journey to improving your English! 

The study material is freely accessible for 90 days from the date of purchase through our online learning platform.