YKI: Kirjoittaminen 4

YKI: Kirjoittaminen 4

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Practice your writing skills for the Finnish YKI test.

(This course is also suitable for any intermediate-level students who want to study at their own pace.)

In Kirjoittaminen 4, which prepares you for the intermediate YKI test, you will get acquainted with loan words, and practice writing and inflecting them. You will also become familiar with abbreviations and how to write and inflect them, as well as learning their meaning. 


The course lasts approximately 60 minutes and covers the following types of texts:

  • Erityislainat
  • Päätteen liittäminen erityislainoihin
  • Vierassanojen kirjoittaminen
  • Sitaattilainat ja päätteen liittäminen niihin
  • Lyhenteet
  • Lyhennetyypit
  • Isokirjainlyhenteet ja kirjainsanat
  • Isot vai pienet kirjaimet?
  • Lyhenteiden taivuttaminen

The self-study material includes 12 digital exercises that promote your learning and 10 texts on writing rules. 

You will also receive a downloadable PDF glossary in which you can write the key vocabulary from the course in your own language.

The study material is freely accessible for 90 days from the date of purchase through our online learning platform.