Ratkaisuja jokaiseen tarpeeseen

Opiskelu tuottaa tulosta vain, jos siinä otetaan huomioon ihmisten erilaiset oppimistavat. Valitse tapa, joka sopii sinulle parhaiten: verkossa omaan tahtiisi, kouluttajan ohjaamana tai hybridiopiskeluna, joissa nämä molemmat yhdistyvät.

Selaa kokoelmiamme saadaksesi lisätietoja tai aloita valitsemalla kieli, jota haluat opiskella, ja löydä sitten sinulle parhaiten sopiva menetelmä.

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A guide to choosing language training

Are you looking to refresh your language skills, but don’t know where to start? In that case, you are in the right place!
In this guide, you’ll receive helpful tips about the different options available for learning a new language or brushing up your existing language skills.

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Why offer language learning to foreign talent?

Many companies with international operations are experiencing a variety of problems due to language-related issues that are hindering collaboration and communication, on both internal and external levels. There are many scenarios where language training has become an increasingly critial success factor.

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Think People Follow Your Presentations? Think Again.

We have much to thank the TED-talks series for: not only did they provide us with excellent topics like Cameron Russell’s “Looks Aren’t Everything. Believe Me, I’m a Model,” or Hans Rosling’s “The Magic Washing Machine,” but they also put the idea of great presentation skills front and center again.

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Book review: Evidence-informed learning design

Myths in learning are everywhere. Basing learning solutions on these myths is a waste of time, money, and effort. Worse, they send us in the wrong direction, meaning learners aren’t getting the best experience they could. This book attempts to dispel these learning myths and guide us towards critical examination of the techniques we use when designing learning. 

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What if we all spoke the same language?