Financial English 3 - Shareholder Issues (hybridprogram)

Financial English 3 - Shareholder Issues (hybridprogram)

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€431,00 exkl. MOMS

Get to grips with Financial English!

Expand your financial management vocabulary and ability to discuss a company’s shareholder issues with self-study material and support from a professional language coach.

Four hours of self-study material plus four language training sessions

Educate yourself at your own pace with our inspiring digital material, and get individual help from an experienced language trainer.

Each hour of self-study material includes a web-based language training session where you can use and consolidate what you have learned.

Learn and explore key vocabulary related to shareholder issues including corporate communication, corporate governance, shareholders, dividends, share issues, and more – and boost your communication skills and ability to discuss past, current and future shareholder issues in English.

Engaging texts introduce and activate key vocabulary, downloadable glossaries expand your financial terminology, and diverse and pedagogically designed digital exercises let you apply your knowledge.

The material is designed for shareholders, senior corporate managers and board members and those who work with financial administration, financial management, business management, sales, investor relations, accounting and related support functions, to name a few.



The self-study material consists of four one-hour courses:

Financial English 3: Shareholder Issues - Part I

  • Corporate Communication

Financial English 3: Shareholder Issues - Part II

  • Corporate Governance

Financial English 3: Shareholder Issues - Part III

  • Shares and Shareholders

Financial English 3: Shareholder Issues - Part IV

  • Dividends

  • Share Issues

The self-study material includes:

  • Over 300 terms and definitions in English related to financial performance
  • 9 texts that present key vocabulary in working-life contexts
  • More than 40 digital exercises to practice and test your knowledge
  • 5 downloadable PDFs of terminology, definitions, example sentences and synonyms.

    The study material is freely accessible for 90 days from the date of purchase through our online learning platform. The four online language sessions can be booked when it suits you through our easy-to-use booking system up to 90 days from the date of purchase.